We are looking for experienced partners with deep-rooted experience in the implementation of ERP and CRM solutions. We supplement this with our own experience in the implementation of apps for tablets and other mobile end devices. Our app is more than just a depiction of corporate data on mobile devices. Our apps involve intelligent data preparation and interpretation, either using cloud service or on-premises (own server) solutions. They allow all employees to work with and on their data from any device, at any location and at any time -- including completely offline. When finished, they can then send it on to the back office for further handling. Synchronization always runs in the background.


For you as a Sales, Service or IT manager, the app solution from blue-zone AG delivers the right tool for boosting your team's sales and promoting greater customer satisfaction. Ideally your company will already have your customer and product data and promotional campaigns in a structured, digitalized form. Our app then helps transmit this corporate data to mobile devices, ensuring that every member of the field sales force has access to his or her customers, orders, delivery data, discounts and other information at a glance and ready for editing, no matter where or when. Even offline.